Angela Reynolds - A little bit about me!

I am a professional performer with 15 years of diverse performing experience, ranging from walking
on stilts as a 14ft butterfly, (Cbeebies Live!) serious business role-play and many comedic roles, I have been very lucky to be employed in such an expansive variety of work.

I really enjoy what I do and I hope that comes across in my work, I aim to give the best that I can and
if I can’t give you that, i.e. you want someone who has different skills from me, I will always provide you with the best person for the job!

About FunnyBalloons:

FunnyBalloons are interesting, interactive and funny! If you’re looking to bring energy and fun to your event then FunnyBalloons will do just that, from extravagant hats to intricate caricatures, FunnyBalloons will delight you, and, the lucky person who gets to keep them!


tel: 07880 541210